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I'd love to hear about it. If it's to do with my books, of course. You can keep your political opinions to yourself, thanks. Some people are surprised when I tell them that yes, I do answer emails and I really enjoy hearing what people think about my books. Maybe some authors don't have time or something, but I'm not one of those...I like to know there are people out there with thoughts on what they just read and I'll thank them if they tell me. Of course, I'll thank them even more politely if they say something nice.
I doubt you want a street address for my publisher, since not that many folks actually snail-mail fan letters any more. And don't bother with a ransom note. I don't earn enough to buy back whatever it is of mine you've kidnapped. Just point and click to the addy below...
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Here's a link you might want to check out. This is a great place for authors who need either cover art, or a logo, or some promotional design ideas. Perhaps all three if it's a new release. Go check them out. They also have a gallery of their work over on Deviant Art, so if you're interested in seeing what kind of things they do, drop by and take a look.

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Things on the horizon...

Travels - 2016
Went to some fun events in 2015, spanning the globe from San Antonio, to Phoenix, to Palm Springs, California. It's always wonderful to meet fellow authors and the wonderful readers who come to these events. There are a couple of events I hope to attend, so more about them when plans are finalized. Sahara and I hope to make it to Phoenix again this year, but for a writer retreat this time around. After that? Well, who knows? I'll try and keep this spot updated, but you can also check on Facebook - I post there regularly!

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