Single titles, short stories and other things wandering around in the void I call a brain.


Partners in Passion

Co-written stories, including the Working Stiffs series.


All About Art

My other outlet and true joy. Also the time when I can look at photos of semi-nude women for hours and get paid for it.

Thanks for dropping by...

My name is S.L. Carpenter and I'm a writer and an artist, a husband and a father, a slave to the wife and an inspiration to other people I don't know. I call California home and have been here my whole life. I know...poor me.

I've been writing my special brand of insane little stories for many years, but it's only been in the last decade that I've managed to persuade folks to publish them. I expanded my backlist to include single titles, anthologies and several books co-written with my writing partner (and webmistress) Sahara Kelly. My most recent books are available at Amazon.com/Kindle Unlimited, and also at Samhain Publishing.

Please note: I have recently been retrieving rights to those books whose contracts have expired, so my current available backlist is shorter these days. I am in the process of revising and re-editing these books. Look for your old favorites in new exciting versions soon.

So dig around and find out a bit more if you like - just excuse the mess. I'm a guy. What can I say?

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