A little more about me

It followed me home...

I'm told this part has to be here, because for some crazy reason, visitors want to know about me.

Okay. I'm a guy. No surprise there. Although some folks seem to think it's strange that I write erotic romance. I don't see why, since there's usually a guy in the story someplace, unless it's one of those weird tales involving battery operated devices and a chicken. And yes, I've written several stories involving electronics, farmyard animals and even an alien or two. Check out my Strange Lust collection.

On a personal level, my life isn't really any of anybody's business, but don't send me indecent proposals of any kind, because I've been married to the love of my life for more than a quarter of a century. We've raised three kids, several pets and managed to survive the California lifestyle, pretty much unscathed. Next to my family comes my writing and my art. Creative endeavors that are a part of me on any given day. I'll either be working on a cover, thinking up new and twisted ways to mess up my character's lives or going to my day job and trying to put all that aside so that I don't scare anyone.

See? Just a normal guy with a "thing" for Kate Beckinsale, music - eclectic tastes - and a damn good game of football. And a couple dozen erotic and funny books out there with my name on 'em. Go check 'em out!

A New Adventure

In the early summer of 2012, I finalized a project Sahara Kelly and I had been discussing for several years. The idea that cover art, GOOD cover art, should be available and affordable to any author who wanted it. We formally debuted P and N Graphics, LLC, a small company dedicated to producing the best cover art possible for the most reasonable price. The timing was perfect - many of our peers were turning to self publishing and looking for cover resources. We also added promotional graphics, design ideas, logos, some web graphics… the items we are providing is growing with our client list. No idea is too crazy and up to now, no job has been turned down. We hope if someone asks for something we can't do, that we'll be able to refer them to someone who can. As our first anniversary nears, both Sahara and I are very happy to be working in this area, fulfilling our love of art and helping our friends at the same time. Won't you come over and check us out?

P and N Graphics

Talented People

Since I've talked a lot about art on this page, I figured you might like to go take a look at some sites featuring art and photos from people I consider particularly talented. Then there are the wonderful writers (and friends) who also deserve a mention here.